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My favorite student is in jail. We’re not supposed to have favorites, but we all do, and he was mine. From the outside, he’s just one more young black man from the inner city who ended up in jail, but that’s not the whole story because it doesn’t say anything about how he grew up in oppressive poverty surrounded by violence.

And how when he was a child, every single adult who should have done better failed him, so by the time he was a teenager, he made sure there was no chance anyone was ever going to be close enough to hurt him like that again.

And how DHS could have stepped in but he’s grown up surrounded by street culture that says that men take care of themselves and do not ask for help, even if they’re too young to know how.

And how he made a terrible choice, and he is wholly responsible for that, but he was faced with terrible options.

And how my heart sank when I texted him the other day and I didn’t get the message saying “delivered” and I hated myself a little for assuming the worst.

And how he once casually asked me if I’d go to a protest if he ever ended up in jail holding a sign saying, “Free (his name)”, and how yesterday one of my other students wrote that very message on a fluorescent pink post-it and stuck it on my desk, and it’s not really funny, not at all, but we laughed about it anyway.

And how he got a 100 on his last algebra test and he was so proud of that, and even though I knew that wouldn’t somehow magically overcome a lifetime’s worth of poverty, classism, and racism, a tiny part of me still hoped that maybe it would.

And how it’s not my place to save him – it’s not my place to save anyone – but outside the sticky mess of privilege, class, and oppression, I genuinely adore my students and I desperately want them to be okay.

And how all the people who gave up on him and thought he wouldn’t amount to anything have the satisfaction of being right.

And how my privilege means I benefit every single day from a system that actively oppresses him and so many others, and now he’s in jail and I get to drive out of this neighborhood at the end of the day.

And how people on the outside pat me on the back and tell me I did everything I could and my students are lucky to have me even though this isn’t about me.

And how my wish every single day for my students to go home safely, make good choices, and come back to school tomorrow isn’t that ridiculous because sometimes they don’t.

And how he used to come into my classroom every day during my free period because I would give him cookies, and he wasn’t just my favorite, I was his favorite too.

And how I will miss him terribly and wish that things could be different.

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I go away from the internet for a little bit and this is what happens. 

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Harry ‘adorable’ Styles during 1D Day. 


The incredibly talented and super smart Evan Rachel Wood called out the MPAA on their misogynistic, sexist crap after seeing the new cut of her movie and she ain’t wrong. 


He is forever the worst thing that ever happened to me.

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