Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So I have some thoughts on the GQ 1D article. The thing is, GQ’s whole image is based on being provocative and focusing on sex above all else. I’m not saying this to excuse them; I’m just pointing out that this is GQ being GQ: a bunch of douchey misogynistic dickwads. 

I’ve seen a lot of anger directed at GQ for way they portrayed 1D, but what infuriates me is the way they portrayed female fans. I get it, I totally do, because as a huge Harry fan, I was really not okay with the aggressive questioning of his sexuality when it clearly made him uncomfortable. I’m not trying to dictate how people prioritize issues or imply you can’t care about multiple things, but it worries me that misogyny and the constant shaming of teenage girls are both so pervasive that it’s easier for fans to recognize insults directed at their favorite band members than to recognize the insults directed at them. I don’t blame teenage fans for prioritizing the boys above all else; I blame a culture in which the level of misogyny in this article is “typical GQ” and not a horrifying exception.

This article shames the enthusiasm of teenage girls and reduces them to their sexuality (which is not just offensive but also creepy as fuck because the author is a 30-something dude who makes repeated references to tween and teen girls getting wet and/or aroused.) I want girls to be furious at the rampant misogyny and absolute contempt for teenage girls in this article, but I’m worried that in a culture that normalizes these attitudes, it may not be obvious just how badly they’ve been insulted. GQ can casually refer to girls as “rabid, knicker-wetting banshees” because sexualizing women is the norm and because the phrase “teenage girl” was an insult long before 1D came along. That’s incredibly fucked up and I hope every teenage girl reading this article knows that.


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